Announcing The Great Potter Reread of 2014!

HPGR7-harry-potter-griffyndor-front (2)

It’s hard to believe that 7 years have passed since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but alas, it’s true!  Makes me feel old.  My friends and I were in college in 2007, so we went to the midnight release party at Barnes & Noble, OF COURSE.  I absolutely forbade my friend Maggie from starting the book as I sped drove us home.  I remember staying up until 7am reading, then my body had had enough.  I woke up later that afternoon to finish the book and go to see a production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  Turns out Maggie – a MUCH faster reader than I! – finished the book that morning and slept through our date to the show!  I’m still a bit miffed about that, Maggie dear. ;-)

I’ve recently been feeling like I wanted to reread all 7 books in order, but when I realized that 2014 marked the 7 year anniversary, I had to make it official!  I connected with another librarian friend online who was doing the same thing, and BOOM, it’s now A THING.

I’m happy to announce The Great Potter Reread of 2014!  Interested in joining our adventure?  Read along with us!  It’s very casual, everyone can go at their own pace.  Some of us have already started, some of us have yet to start.  Some plan to finish by July, but you don’t have to finish until December.  If you’re updating online, be sure to use #GreatPotterReread2014!  We’ll be updating on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  And pass it on!

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One thought on “Announcing The Great Potter Reread of 2014!

  1. Sadly I never had the chance to queue up and dive into the book immediately. I was not allowed to buy them so I was on my friend’s waiting list. Those who bought the books didn’t mind sharing them… but you had to be on a waiting list. Haha!

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